Sunday, February 1, 2009

The new AGO is a usability nightmare. Part Deux.

Last week I visited the new AGO myself and found out that everything written here was true. And more!

The miniatures were amazing but the lighting was so dim that my eyes immediately started to hurt. When I finished the exhibition, I felt like there was sand in my eyes. Is ivory afraid of light? 

Another "surprise" was in the photo room. There was a wall with quite interesting photos of 1930s Germany, placed in 4 long rows, as 20x4 matrix. Needless to say, there were neither captions nor numbers near the photos, just three shabby booklets, one in English and two in French – perfect demographic decision! To find info about an interesting photo, I counted and memorized its position in the matrix and opened the booklet. "Row S... Row T..." What the hell?! Right! What they called "rows" were, in fact, columns. Probably, the unknown "genius" who created this layout had never opened Excel...

I saw just  two exhibitions that evening, but I don't feel like going there again.

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  1. Oy, don't get me started. Every time I think about the "crystal" and the whale, as I call the new AGO, my blood pressure rises and I get so, so, so ANGRY.

    I don't understand why contemporary architects hate the idea that a building should be beautiful and comfortable so very, very, very much.

    And given the pathetic nature of the AGO's collection, I get an embolism every time I think about how they should have spent the money on new acquisitions instead.